Handmade in Marrakech, each Beniourain cushion is unique and would look good in all interiors. Beniourain cushions are made from undyed sheeps’s wool. How pure can it be! A firm, ecru coloured cushion cover, with black patterns in the form of signs, lines and dots. Each pattern has its own charm, each cover is unique and would look good in all interiors. Suitable for the living room, on your bed, in the garden or on the terrace.

Kelim cushions are made of cotton. Also unique so make your choice as soon as possible for both cushions.

We also have cactus silk cushions. For generations Berber woman in Morocco have been weaving materials. The cactus silk is traditionally woven by hand and therefore irregularities in patterns can occur. This however gives the cushions an authentic look. The woven patterns form symbolic patterns from the Berber language Tamazight. The materials are colour dyed then left to dry in the sun giving them their unique colour, each cushion a unique specimen. The cushions are available in two sizes, square 50x50 cm and oblong 50x100 cm.

From India we have handmade cushions in bright colours from the brand Only Natural and beautiful and pastelcoloured cushions from A la Collection. Not only for kids but also for your living and bedroom.